Hydrogen Energy

Hydrogen is a cornerstone of the clean energy transition. Kigentech is at the forefront, developing a comprehensive marketplace that not only revolutionizes how hydrogen is traded but also integrates various hydrogen sources and uses into a unified system. This platform serves as a system integrator, providing a full overview and facilitating efficient management of hydrogen energy resources.
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Why Hydrogen

As a secondary initiative, our blockchain-based platform supports the green hydrogen market by ensuring traceability and transparency from production to end-use. This promotes a sustainable energy transition by supporting market integrity and securing necessary subsidies.

Our innovative platform differentiates between various types of hydrogen to ensure transparency and promote sustainable choices:

  • 1

    Green Hydrogen: Produced using renewable energy sources to power electrolysis of water. This method does not emit carbon dioxide, making it the most sustainable form of hydrogen.
  • 2

    Blue Hydrogen: Derived from natural gas with carbon emissions being captured and stored or reused. While not entirely emission-free, it significantly reduces the carbon footprint compared to traditional hydrogen production.
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    Grey Hydrogen: The most common form, produced from natural gas through steam methane reforming without capturing the emitted CO2, leading to higher environmental impact.

Kigentech’s platform provides stakeholders with critical information, including the origin, production method, and carbon footprint of the hydrogen they purchase and use. This transparency is crucial as it allows consumers and businesses to make informed decisions, driving demand for greener alternatives. Additionally, our system facilitates seamless transactions and logistics, from production to end-use, enhancing efficiency and reducing costs across the supply chain.

By creating a robust marketplace that supports the tracking and trading of different hydrogen types, Kigentech is not only contributing to the decarbonization of various industries but also promoting the adoption of hydrogen as a key player in achieving global energy sustainability.