Innovating Clean
Ammonia Production

Discover Kigentech's commitment to safe, efficient, and sustainable ammonia production, which supports global agriculture and various industries with a cleaner, more sustainable alternative. Our Lancaster facility highlights our dedication to environmental sustainability and energy security.
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Kigentech: Leading the way toward a Green Universe.
Ammonia is a critical component in the production of fertilizers, which are essential for feeding the world’s growing population. It is also used in various industrial processes and has potential as a clean energy carrier, offering a way to store and transport hydrogen efficiently. Traditionally, ammonia production is energy-intensive and one of the largest industrial sources of CO2 emissions. By innovating cleaner production methods, Kigentech is not only addressing global environmental concerns but also advancing the technology towards a more sustainable future.
Our state-of-the-art facility in Lancaster, California, is strategically located to leverage abundant solar energy, which powers the production of green ammonia. This not only reduces reliance on fossil fuels but also minimizes our carbon footprint. Producing ammonia locally in Lancaster brings numerous benefits to the city and its surrounding areas:
  • Economic Growth: The establishment of our facility creates jobs, boosts local businesses, and stimulates economic development within the community.
  • Energy Security: By producing ammonia locally, we reduce the need for imports, enhancing the energy independence of the region.
  • Support for Local Agriculture: Lancaster and surrounding areas have a robust agricultural sector. Local production of ammonia ensures a steady and reliable supply of fertilizers, which are crucial for the productivity and sustainability of local farms.