Our Cutting-Edge

Kigentech is driven by a commitment to innovation in clean ammonia and hydrogen production. Our technology ensures that every solution is not only advanced but also sustainable, fostering a green universe for future generations.
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Our Cutting-Edge Technology

Hydrogen is a cornerstone of the clean energy transition. Kigentech is at the forefront, developing a comprehensive ecosystem that includes green hydrogen tracing, trading, and distribution, as well as storing it in the form of green ammonia. Kigentech is also pioneering green ammonia manufacturing in California, with a planned site in the town of Lancaster.
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Kigentech: Leading the way toward a Green Universe.

Our Work

Our work is founded on rigorous research and collaboration with some of the world’s leading experts in technology, energy, and environmental science. This approach ensures that every solution we develop is not only technologically advanced but also scientifically sound and practically viable.
Our robust system is designed for maximum security and reliability, making it virtually impervious to tampering and ensuring that every transaction is transparent and traceable. This transparency is crucial for maintaining integrity across the entire supply chain, from production to consumption, facilitating the verification of green hydrogen and ammonia as truly sustainable resources.

We are inspired to leave a lasting legacy.

A legacy that changes the world by fostering a green universe. Our mission extends beyond immediate technological achievements; we aim to contribute to global sustainability through the power of technology. By integrating innovative solutions like our blockchain platform with renewable energy processes, we are setting new standards for environmental responsibility and helping to build a sustainable future for generations to come.